What sort of photographer am I?

In conversation photographers often get asked what sort of photographer they are…

Wedding photographer? Commercial photographer? Landscape photographer? All of the above?

For me its all of the above but I don’t see photography as a job title, but more so, I see my photography work as an extension of the way I live my life. One way I look at it is that every day in life starts as a blank piece of paper, ready to be written, like the pages of a book. What sort of book, how many pictures it has, and how good it reads is up to all of us as individuals to choose. Those choices for me are summed up perfectly by a clever bloke named Gilbert Chesterton…

The traveller sees what he sees… a tourist sees only what he has come to see. – G.K. Chesterton.

Some photographers operate as the tourist, seeing and capturing only what they came to see, what was pre-visualised and pre-planned, and what fits within the realm of the sort of photographer they are. That’s all fine, but for me as in life, and as a photographer I’m much more the traveller, also seeing and capturing what happens, as it happens, natural and unrehearsed, flash-free, filling blank pieces of paper with fresh experiences, fresh ideas, new perspectives, and often unexpected moments in time. This way of working is often referred to as documentary style photography.

So… that’s what sort of photographer I am.
Documentary Style Wedding Photography

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Victorian Professional Photography Awards 2013 – Results are in!

This week the 2013 Victorian Professional Photographer of the Year (VPPY) Awards were judged in Melbourne. 

After entering for the first time this year I’m pretty rapt to have some success at this years event with 5 of my 8 entries receiving the much sought after award grades with 2 silver distinctions and 3 silvers. 

The Australian Awards are up again next (APPA) so bring it on I say haha!


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Its Grampians Wedding Expo time. – Photographer

Do you know someone that’s engaged and due to be married in the next year or two? Yourself, a family member, a friend? Share this with them and send them along to meet me at the 2013 Grampians Wedding Expo at Seppelts Winery in Great Western. Anyone booking their wedding photography with me from this years expo will get a free premium album upgrade worth up to $200!

More info on the expo can be found at http://www.seppelt.com.au/en/News/2013/05/Seppelt-Wedding-Expo.aspx 

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2013 Headoff Landscape Prize. The winner has been announced!!! Is it me?

The winners have just been announced of the prestigeous nationwide Headoff Landscape Prize which means I can finally take the wrappers off my big news for the last month or two. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the 20 finalists for the prize with my image of the Grampians Bushfires earlier this year. (pictured below)

My hat goes off to the prize winner Tim Levy, congratulations! My photograph along with all the finalist images will all be on exhibition at the State Library of NSW in Sydney for the remainder of the Headon Photo Festival. For more details on the festival visit http://headon.com.au/

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Grampians Photographer – Guided Photography Tours for Groups and Individuals

Wow I’m bad at keeping myself updated on here. I’ll make up for it now with a more extensive blog on last weekends Guided Photography trip. I took the Williamtown Camera Club out for a few days to see the best of the Grampians National Park… my backyard.

Before I get into what we got up to I’ll quickly put it out there for clubs, groups and individuals alike that are interested in personalised photography guided tours to contact me for a some locations, options and prices.

Well we kicked things off on Saturday afternoon by walking to the Pinnacle. The walk is diverse, adventurous and the view ever-changing and spectacular.

The Pinnacle
Dead tree standing over the landscape


From there we went up to Reeds lookout in time for the sunset. With near on 360 degree views at the top, we needed to be scanning all round for the best light and photographic opportunities as they arose. Light changes quickly during the “magic hour” around sunset.


The jagged peaks of the Serra Range as we arrived
More photographers arriving to soak up the wonderful light
With the sun nearly dipping, capturing every angle becomes a challange
The last sun rays softly lighting the distant ranges
Last light. Lake Wartook lies beneath the peaks of the Mt Difficult Range
Long after the sun has set the light is often at its best.


After a senational dinner in Halls Gap and a good sleep we awoke early to ensure we arrived at Boroka Lookout before sunrise. Well was it ever worth it, we managed to witness a Grampians sunrise at its best with everyone in the group taking home some ‘keepers’.


Soft hazey morning and incredible colour with Lake Fyans in the foreground
Lake Lonsdale dwarfed but an incredible sunrise sky
Camera club members capturing their photographs
The first sunrays softly bathe Mt William
My tele lens allows me to capture Mt Rosea warming up nicely
With the sun now up the colour spectrum is still changing. What a morning!


After our sunrise treat we moved along to MacKenzie Falls. It’s the largest and most spectacular waterfall in the Grampians and the photographic experience for the group didn’t disappoint.


Mackenzie Falls. 30sec @f8
Camera club members in the process of capturing their photographs. 30sec @f8


If you’re keen to capture the best photograhic spots in the Grampians and witness them at the right time of day contact me for a guided tour. If requested I can also provide tips and techiniques to improve your photography. Contact me, Marty on info@martyschoo.com.au or phone 0427790783.

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