Don’t be gloomy

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Even gloomy weather parts eventually.


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Photography preferences

Wedding Photography preferences are often directed from the bride but I always ask if there is anything the groom wants captured as well on the big day. Here the groom and the boys were car guys and wanted some shots with the cars and the car theme. And why not? It was a super fun day. Here is the “poster” shot…

Catherine and Andrew-130poster

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Fungi Time

Because I’m a “fun-guy” I thought I’d share these three little squirts from yesterdays forest photo walk. The tallest Fungi here is only a tiny 3cm!


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Often the simple things in life are the best. Who agrees?


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Soar like an Eagle

Yesterday I went for a drive with a friend to one of my favourite spots… Wallaby Rocks. It got damp and miserable quite quickly and we contemplated turning around and heading back to a warm fire instead. We decided to continue the drive and made the walk to the top just as the weather parted and the eagles soared around us. I fired off about 15 frames and came home with one keeper. This one! Do you think it was it worth it?

Wallaby Rocks-5583

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Solo Explore

Last week I managed to get out of the office and do a solo trip throughout the Victorian Deserts. I tried to avoid the bitumen as much as possible with the aim to capture the best of the remote open spaces of the region for my   i s o l a t i o n   project. This is Wembulin Track being lit with warm pockets of dawn light on the first morning. The track skirts Lake Albacutya and the surrounding wheatbelt.

Meandering Track-5408

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I s o l a t i o n

Some more images for my ongoing   i s o l a t i o n  project.   I’m getting closer to desert country by the hour now. Space to think, space to move. Love it!


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