Will you marry me?


Wedding Proposal

He said: Will you marry me?

She said: Yes!

Another wedding proposal in the Grampians. What is it about this place? It’s pretty special isn’t it!

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Master of Photography

The Australian Professional Photography Awards #APPA2016 were a successful one for me this year. I managed to add to my collection of Silver Awards but more importantly managed to secure enough career points to be awarded Master of Photography! Woohoo!

Massively excited and it’s great reward for effort for a self taught artist from the country to rise from obscurity and get some national recognition amongst my peers. Well, now on with business as usual again. If you want a master photographer (haha) to shoot your wedding, next commercial shoot or take you on a landscape tuition session get in touch.


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Master Photographer - APPA2016

Master Photographer – APPA2016

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Just kicking back and relaxing in the Grampians after a stress free elopement wedding at Boroka Downs in Halls Gap. Life’s cruisey hey? Enjoy your weekend Leanne and David!



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Elopement Wedding – Boroka Downs

{Eloping is Fun} A sensational day in the Grampians yet again for another fantastic Wedding. Eloping for your wedding can certainly be fun at Boroka Downs near Halls Gap! What a happy, relaxed couple. Big congratulations Bonny and Stephen!!!

Boroka Downs Elopement Wedding

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Grampians Wedding – Dunkeld

Dunkled Wedding - Royal Mail{Wedding Day Bliss} One of the many superb Grampians landscape backdrops near Dunkeld yesterday for newlyweds Kirsty and Anthony. One of those days when everything just turns out spot on. Congrats you two!

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Wedding Dance – Party Time!

What better way to celebrate a warm summer days wedding than to dance the night away in style. The guests at Tim and Lex’s wedding late last year certainly knew how to Paaarr-Taaay!!!

Tech – For those interested all photos are essentially straight out of camera using flash fill, 1.5sec @f6.7 with a camera twist-of-the-wrist. The fairy lights did the rest. Contrast bumped in post. Great Fun!  😉

Wedding Dance Party Time

Wedding Reception Dance Party Time Wedding Reception Dance Party Time Wedding Reception Dance Party Time Wedding Reception Dance Party Time Wedding Reception Dance Party Time Wedding Reception Dance Party Time Wedding Reception Dance Party Time Wedding Reception Dance Party Time

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Photography preferences

Wedding Photography preferences are often directed from the bride but I always ask if there is anything the groom wants captured as well on the big day. Here the groom and the boys were car guys and wanted some shots with the cars and the car theme. And why not? It was a super fun day. Here is the “poster” shot…

Catherine and Andrew-130poster

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No Awkward Poses

Just have fun and be yourself; My guarantee is for your wedding day to be awkward-pose free, just the way it should be!

No Awkward Poses

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Can the Bride and Groom meet before the Wedding Ceremony?

They sure can!

Many couples nowdays choose to have their portrait photographs done before the ceremony. It’s naturally a personal preference and doing so can certainly lead to having more time after the ceremony with family and friends when the party starts.

What’s more is that the first reveal of the bride to the groom can be a far more intimate and fun experience.

As a photographer I’ve never witnessed one wedding the same. Relax, be yourselves, and ensure the biggest day of your lives is done your own way.

Congratulations Emily and Sam! … Haha, mind the lipstick there Sam


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Sneak Peek

I couldn’t keep this one to myself any longer. Congratulations Emily and Sam, your whole day was a blast from go to whoah!
How is this for a wedding venue peeps? TeePee marquee under the stars… WOW!



The amazing TeePee wedding venue


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Leather = Awesome

{Wedding Packages}

Leather leather leather. How good does it look!

All my albums are archival quality (100+yrs) with thick “lay-flat” pages and are expertly finished with one of 50 cover choices. Emma and Ben wisely chose the sumptuous Tan coloured Genuine Leather option which I’m sure you’ll agree has come up brilliantly.

They also chose the extra option of the memory vault containing a high-res backup of all their wedding photos. The vault is fire and water proof and is one of the few archival rated digital storage devices on the market. In my packages it arrives to you in a classy presentation box beautifully cover-matched to your album.

Emma and Ben were thrilled with the photography on their wedding day and were pretty stoked to say the least with the look and finish of their album package when it arrived.

Get in touch if you want to find out more on all the package options and see some more samples.

Leather Album and Memory Vault

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Fun in the Sun – Grampians Wedding Style

{Kate and Kevin}

What can I say about Kate and Kevin besides fun, fun, fun!

The whole day revolved around doing the things they enjoy in life and the mood was infectious. I didn’t hear the word “serious” once… seriously!

There is a lesson for us all in that… just have fun in the sun Grampians Wedding style.



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What sort of photographer am I?

In conversation photographers often get asked what sort of photographer they are…

Wedding photographer? Commercial photographer? Landscape photographer? All of the above?

For me its all of the above but I don’t see photography as a job title, but more so, I see my photography work as an extension of the way I live my life. One way I look at it is that every day in life starts as a blank piece of paper, ready to be written, like the pages of a book. What sort of book, how many pictures it has, and how good it reads is up to all of us as individuals to choose. Those choices for me are summed up perfectly by a clever bloke named Gilbert Chesterton…

The traveller sees what he sees… a tourist sees only what he has come to see. – G.K. Chesterton.

Some photographers operate as the tourist, seeing and capturing only what they came to see, what was pre-visualised and pre-planned, and what fits within the realm of the sort of photographer they are. That’s all fine, but for me as in life, and as a photographer I’m much more the traveller, also seeing and capturing what happens, as it happens, natural and unrehearsed, flash-free, filling blank pieces of paper with fresh experiences, fresh ideas, new perspectives, and often unexpected moments in time. This way of working is often referred to as documentary style photography.

So… that’s what sort of photographer I am.
Documentary Style Wedding Photography

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Its Grampians Wedding Expo time. – Photographer

Do you know someone that’s engaged and due to be married in the next year or two? Yourself, a family member, a friend? Share this with them and send them along to meet me at the 2013 Grampians Wedding Expo at Seppelts Winery in Great Western. Anyone booking their wedding photography with me from this years expo will get a free premium album upgrade worth up to $200!

More info on the expo can be found at http://www.seppelt.com.au/en/News/2013/05/Seppelt-Wedding-Expo.aspx 

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Melbourne Wedding

Eve and Tim had a fantastic wedding day only a few weeks back in down town Melbourne CBD. Preperation in the “Queens Room” and the ceremony in the majestic Council Chambers in the historic  Melbourne Town Hall. Followed up with a laid back reception at a classy inner city pub and you’ve got yourself a pretty special wedding day. Congrats Eve and Tim…



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Wedding in the Melbourne CBD

Last weekend saw me at a Wedding in the Melbourne CBD. With great weather and great company Eve and Tim had a blast. Here is a sneak peak photo. More to come…

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Elopement Wedding in the Grampians

A big wedding isn’t always what every couple wants. Some couples choose to have only direct family and the dearest of friends. And then some couples decide to elope and share their wedding day with only the person most important to them… their partner.

Julie and Aarron did exactly that recently in the Grampians in Western Victoria. The weather gods were fantastic, the Boroka Downs setting was sensational, there were tears, there was laughter, all the good things, even the best of local sparkling wine.

The result? One happily married couple with two happy and supportive families finding out the next day. Congratulations!

(Click on each image for larger and sharper)


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Thai pre-wedding shoot in the Grampians

In the Thai culture its a big thing to have a great pre-wedding experience together including the photo shoot. This way it takes all the pressure off on the wedding day. May and Ryan are soon setting off to get married in Thailand but before they left we undertook the pre-wedding photos at a place that is dear to them. With a mix of sun, water and peaceful tranquility saw us playing in the central Grampians, canoeing and playing in the trees, and sipping champagne. What an adventure, what a day!

(Click on each image for larger and sharper)

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A Wedding in the Grampians National Park

Your wedding can be wherever you want it to be. Recently Jessica and Brian decided they wanted to get married on a mountain peak in the Grampians in Western Victoria and chose a location near Mt Stapylton for its stunning views. It would remind them of their Canadian home.

With great weather, and family and friends close by, the day was an outstanding success with great venues such as Mt Zero Olives close by. There is nothing better than a wedding with a difference. Make yours what ever you want it to be!

(Click on each image for larger and sharper)


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Emu Bottom Homestead Wedding

The other week and another happy couple have an awesome wedding at Emu Bottom Homestead. Great day and great location.

(Click on each image for larger and sharper)


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A Beautiful Grampians Wedding

Weddings in the Grampians National Park and Halls Gap in particular are very popular and growing in popularity. And there is good reason for it.

What sets a Wedding in the Grampians apart from another? Great venues such as “The Valley” and others as well as great photo locations for wedding photographs throughout the Grampians National Park. This fantastic wedding was only a few weeks ago and was an absolute blast! Thanks heaps Yvette and Kriss it was great fun. Check it out…


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A very excellent Backyard Wedding

We need a Wedding photographer for our Backyard Wedding, can you help us? 

Wow, what a night! Warm, fun, relaxed, intimate, and a whole lotta rockin’. Congratulations once again Hanna and Jon it was a blast!

(Click on each image for larger and sharper)

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Family Photography Sessions

Wow it’s been a busy end to the year and it’s about time I update things here.

When was the last time you had family photos done? Often a family photograph session can be a little contrived, stiff and setup, yet I’m sure most of you would prefer relaxed photographs of your family simply being happy, natural, and enjoying yourselves. This is my style and I’ve got some sample photographs from a recent family shoot right here. Thanks Erin and Joel we had a blast.

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Another Beautiful Emu Bottom Homestead Wedding

Last weekend I was privileged to attend the Wedding of Frida and Trevor at Emu Bottom Homestead. Despite the inconsistent weather everyone had a blast, especially the wedding couple. Here are some of my favourites from the day.

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Wedding Photographer

Finding and choosing a Wedding Photographer that is right for your Wedding Day is an important decision. I’m a creative Wedding Photographer that photographs in a relaxed and fresh documentary style. I photograph the day as it happens and believe that the photographer shouldn’t dictate any of the days proceedings. My unobtrusive shooting style will complement rather than influence your wedding day. For further qeustions and package prices visit my website at www.martyschoo.com.au or contact me.

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