Project Platypus – Landcare


If you could mix your own work with happy people, winter sunshine, rainbows, fun, great food, campfires, amazing music, and volunteering for a great environmental cause then would you? I certainly did over the last two weeks with a series of shoots for Project Platypus with their super-impressive themed “Plantouts”. Check it out!


07 ProjectPlatypus-Norval-158

18 ProjectPlatypus-Norval-163

01 ProjectPlatypus-Norval-100

10 ProjectPlatypus-Norval-192

01b ProjectPlatypus-Norval-126

02 ProjectPlatypus-Norval-105

04 ProjectPlatypus-Barkly-111

06 ProjectPlatypus-Barkly-112

08 ProjectPlatypus-Norval-132

11 ProjectPlatypus-Barkly-161

12 ProjectPlatypus-Barkly-156

13 ProjectPlatypus-Barkly-181

15 ProjectPlatypus-Barkly-183

17 ProjectPlatypus-Norval-184

19 ProjectPlatypus-Barkly-180

21 ProjectPlatypus-Barkly-188

22 ProjectPlatypus-Norval-213

23 ProjectPlatypus-Barkly-206

24 ProjectPlatypus-Norval-240

26 ProjectPlatypus-Barkly-202

26b ProjectPlatypus-Barkly-211

27 ProjectPlatypus-Norval-236

28 ProjectPlatypus-Norval-235

29 ProjectPlatypus-Norval-245

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It’s all about the drama

When I’m out and about I’m always for the lookout for some dramatic weather. I just love drama like this (as long as its not during a wedding or commercial shoot haha). This little spot near Hopetoun was about to get very wet last week as we were travelling through.

Storm clouds threatening over the Northern Wimmera - Victoria

Storm clouds threatening over the Northern Wimmera – Victoria

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