Real Estate Photography

Are you selling your Home or Property?

Are you advertising your commercial Accommodation?

Are you advertising your own Holiday House for weekend rentals?

Either way you will be advertising your property to appeal to the largest market you are able to reach. You naturally want to gain the maximum value from your property whether its higher sale price or higher occupancy rates. A picture tells a thousand words. Make sure your pictures are good ones!

Property photography company Top Snap ran a survey in 2012 and asked 600 Australian real estate agents about how they market their properties, and a whopping 99% said nothing beats professional photography. Agents said good photography attracts more buyers (89%), increases enquiries (79%), increased clicks to their online listings (68%) and also secured a higher selling price (52%).  Attracting holiday makers to your accommodation properties would have very similarly aligned benefits.

Get in touch with my contact form for a personalised quotation to meet your property photography needs. For further details and my extended commercial photography folio see here.



Comments - 5 Responses to “Real Estate Photography”

  1. We are looking for a property photographer in Horsham. We need 10 photographs. Kindly send the quote.

  2. Ray says:

    We are thinking of selling our house in Black Range.
    How much for 12 photos please
    Regards Ray

  3. Marty Schoo says:

    Hi Ray, I’ve replied to your email. Cheers, Marty

  4. Hello, just wondering if you are still doing photography?

  5. Marty Schoo says:

    Hi, yes I am. Please email me via the contact form and I’ll get back you asap. Cheers Marty

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